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Person's Right to Choose Petition

Together, Change is Possible

July 1st, 2022

Dear Representative, 

After over 50 years of precedent, the extremist Supreme Court has overturned Roe and Casey. Although we are deeply saddened and horrified by the decision, we are not shocked. This has been the goal for the Far Right and its lackeys on the Supreme Court for decades. 

This decision will harm and cause death to people seeking abortions across the country and removes the freedom of bodily autonomy. This decision is Violence against the people of the United States, plain and simple. We must not stand for it. We must rise up and speak out. We must vote every anti-choice politician (Republican or Democrat) out of office in November, and furthermore, Politicians who are in office right now MUST rise to the occasion, end the Filibuster, and codify Roe into law NOW.

However, make no mistake, SCOTUS does not plan to stop there. As alluded to by Clarence Thomas in his decision, he plans on revisiting cases regarding contraception, same-sex sex, and same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court is leading the country down a dangerous path toward Theocracy, the establishment of One Supreme Religion over another in violation of the First Amendment. 

We need leaders who are willing to stand up and do what is right. Our Political Leaders MUST rise to the occasion and EXPAND the court before the extremists do anymore damage to our Democracy and our Country. Congress MUST codify Obergefell (Same-Sex Marriage), Griswold (Contraception), and Lawrence (Same-Sex Sex) into Law and must pass the Equality Act. 

Therefore, We the Undersigned demand that our government and elected leaders take action and use whatever political power they have to right this injustice, protect the lives of American Citizens, and Expand the Supreme Court to prevent any further extreme rulings that will damage our democracy. We will not be silent nor complacent and we will not be relegated to back alleys or needless death due to religious extremism.  

In Solidarity